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Many of us are familiar with the experience brought about by destructive relationships. We let

someone get close to us thinking that it is true love and end up regretting it. Toxic relationships

do not all come in the same package. Our partner may be a serial cheat, a gas-lighter, or a person

with anger issues.

Alternatively, your significant other can be a person with jealousy and intimacy issues or

someone who is just too possessive. Unhealthy relationships are often emotionally draining and

leave us unhappy.

To effectively avoid a harmful relationship, we should be able to identify the psychological

disorders that come with said relationships (red flags). All toxic relationships will have tell-tale


Being able to identify these signs earlier on saves us a lot of emotional trauma and baggage that

come later on in the interaction. Whether it is with a friend or a romantic interest, the signs will

be somewhat similar.

A harmful social interaction will not always be with someone who is physically abusive. Even

though physically abusive partners are a no-no, we should always look out for other forms of


To assess and gauge whether an association is worth our effort, we should consider checking:

How We Feel When We Are With These People

When any interaction has us feeling inadequate, worthless, ashamed, ugly, dumb, or takes a toll

on our self-esteem, that is a baneful social interaction.

On the other hand, relationships that leave us challenged, motivated, liberated, and forgetting our

inhibitions are most likely very healthy for us.

Do These People Bring Out Our Best Selves?

We may have that friend or lover who makes us feel confident, able, and interesting. Whenever

we are with them, we laugh wholeheartedly, and the world is a much less depressing place.

On the contrary, unhealthy relationships will most likely lead us into trouble and often bring out

less pleasant aspects of our personality. While in mephitic relationships, the other person will

easily have us gossiping or shooting up coke even if we do not want to. Sometimes, our so-called

"friends" can be our greatest downfall.

How We Feel After Leaving These People

When in a baneful relationship, our partners are very likely to take more than is offered. We are

often left feeling drained and in pain, whether emotionally or physically. Some people will suck

all energy from us, and we often leave exhausted mentally.

Then some friends or lovers will take every opportunity to pull us down and remind us of how

lucky we are to have them. In short, we are left feeling bad about ourselves and, as a

consequence, end up withdrawing ourselves from other people.

Another marker of a toxic relationship we should look for is the kind of activities we engage in

together. Some unhealthy relationships will involve self-destructive behaviors such as having

unprotected sex with strangers or doing drugs. While others may be willing to go on self-

destructive paths, we should always ask ourselves if we want the same for ourselves.

We should want to keep relationships with people who have us feeling energized and happy.

What Facebook Users are Saying

A famous quote by Seiko Yates states that:

The truth is, most of the time, the excuse is a lie. We always know with all our hearts that if

they wanted to, they would. What if they felt what they say? Then they will show you with

action and not just words. Pay attention to the details. Know the difference between what is real and what is not carry on.

Additionally, Rotimi Emmanuel Akinwand said that you should never weep for the person who

hurts you. Just smile and say thank you for allowing me to find someone better than you.

Ed Samuel Glover, another famous writer, posted that you should pour yourself a drink, put on

some lipstick and pull yourself together. Why chase them if you are the catch!

Also, Amanda Colon stated that:

"Happiness is an inside job. Do not assign anyone else that much power over your life.&

How he treats you reflects how he feels about you, regardless of what words come out of his

mouth. Words are used to manipulate. They keep you right where he wants you. Actions show

you what you need to know," by Greg Dan McHale.

Lastly, Alexzander Edwards stated that:

I do not want to be around anyone who takes me out of my character. I want to laugh, live, love,

and prosper. I want people around that I can trust. People I can grow with that have a genuine love for me.

love for me.

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