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Rekindle The Spark: Healing Hearts After Resentment

Resentment can be a major cause of relationship breakdown. When one partner begins to resent something the other has done or caused, the feelings can fester and appear differently.

Some resent their partners for making them settle down to family life before they were ready. Some people resent feeling stuck in a job they hate due to financial pressures.

Some women may resent having to give up lucrative careers for the sake of family life. Others may resent how their partner treats them or acts around others.

Resentment is a general feeling of blame for another person. It can also be a way for some people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and choices.

Unfortunately, resentment is the kind of feeling that can remain for years, causing little niggling arguments, snide comments, or hurtful treatment of the people around you.

Mending the Rift

An essential step in healing any feelings of resentment is to accept ownership and responsibility for your actions and choices. If your partner is resentful, discuss what's bothering them and ask for openness and honesty about those feelings.

Resenting another person for something that's bothering you is pointless. You're the person who allowed the situation to progress. You also continued with life after the event without addressing the problem you're feeling poorly about.

These were your choices then; however, you can also choose to do something more positive about it right now.

If you resent your partner for holding you back, tying you down, or controlling your life path, ask yourself what you did to protect your goals and dreams. If you're resentful about not having them, chances are you did nothing about it, so you didn't take responsibility for your actions.

Resenting your partner is an unhealthy way to run a relationship. Consider what you're grateful to your partner for, and let go of those negative emotions.

Regardless of what you feel your partner has done or said, always remember you are responsible for your choices.

The End

-Warrnette Lewis

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