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5 Red Flags of an Insecure Relationship that You Should Never Ignore...

Manipulative behavior, jealousy, unexplainable distancing (like ‘ghosting), insecurity can be the worst nightmare of a romantic relationship. It is problematic, but it often overwhelms your mental state, leaving a dreadful impact on the connection and, most importantly, your personality. However, what if you knew that your relationship was beginning to suck the best out of you? Well, that's precisely where the "red flags" make their way.

Red flags are serious indicators that signify an individual cannot have a healthy relationship with their partner, and continuing to do so can be emotionally dangerous for them.

Spot the Alarming Red Flags of an Insecure Relationship

While pinpointing insecurities is complex, it affects every possible part of your life if left unchecked. That's why it's essential to know the red flags and understand how this can cause problems in your relationship.

Here are the five red flags that indicate insecurities have taken over the beauty of your love life:

1. Unwilling to Communicate

When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with your partner? Are they willing to talk, listen or understand? Communication is the essence of any relationship, and if your partner is consistently shutting you down, it's probably a red flag. Remember, even the best relationships have bad days, but your connection will be prone to arguments and hurtful misunderstandings without an open mind and honest communication.

2. They never Compromise

Relationships can never thrive without healthy compromises. It's all about sticking to the middle ground, where both of you can be at peace. On the contrary, when you find it impossible to make them compromise, then it is high time you start reconsidering your partnership.

3. Violent Displays

Any violent individual towards their family members, friends, or even their pets is a red flag. It means they don't necessarily healthily channel their emotions, which would only become more traumatic and devastating as your relationship grows.

4. Addiction & Substance Abuse Disorder

Excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs impacts relationships, work, and health. So, if your partner tends to rely on addictive substances to cope with a challenging situation, then it is a loud and clear indication to leave for the better.

5. There's an Imbalance of Power

When in a relationship, you must have the sense of being in a great team, where you feel encouraged and supported. However, if one begins to control constantly over the one, who is submissive, then it would just be the recipe of an unfulfilling and unhealthy relationship.

Fortunately, red flags of insecurities don't necessarily mean it's time to quit. Instead, in several cases, relationships can be repaired only when you, together as a partner, decide if the problems can be managed. Doing so is an indication to re-evaluate the partnership.

-By: Warrnette Lewis

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