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First of all, I must explain what the Law of Attraction is and how it works. Stated this theory states that whatever receives your focus and energy—wanted or unwanted—will return into your life in one form or another, positive or negative vibrations being amplified back onto you by the Law of Attraction in return. At any moment, your "vibes" (also called vibrations) are either positive or negative, and they respond accordingly by giving more of what is already there; be it wanted or unwanted.

Are you wondering about your vibrational offering in any aspect of your life? Take a look! It may help to take an inventory of the relationships in your life; for some, it might include people who support and uplift and negative individuals. So, what is attracting negative people?


At both points in time, you are already experiencing the Law of Attraction. By loving and appreciating certain people in your life, you send out positive vibrations that cause more of the same to arrive in return. Conversely, as soon as you pay attention to those people and things that irritate you in your life and the things that irritate them further, they too will bring more of what annoys them, and by shifting your focus onto what you actually want rather than what doesn't, results will change accordingly.


Are you wondering how to attract an ideal mate? Make a list.

This book explores how the Law of Attraction can help you manifest your ideal relationship. This powerful force has been harnessed by many to realize their dreams, including romantic ones. Based on its core principle that attracts like, this approach works by cultivating positive thoughts and emotions to attract positive experiences and people into your life.


This book will explore how the Law of Attraction can help you attract your ideal relationship. Topics discussed include visualizing your ideal partner, releasing limiting beliefs, and taking inspired steps toward reaching your goal. When you finish reading this book, you should have an in-depth knowledge of how to use its power to manifest the romantic partnership of your dreams.


IT MUST FIRST BE EXPLAINED before I can explain the Law of Attraction. According to this law, whatever your focus and attention are directed toward—whether wanted or unwanted—will come into your life, regardless of whether those "vibes" are negative or positive. At each moment, the Law of Attraction responds accordingly by sending more of that type of vibration your way, regardless of whether it is desired or unwanted.


If you want to understand your vibration in any area of life, take inventory of the relationships in which you engage. Some people attract positive and negative people alike; it could be just a coincidence or intentional! So, what are you giving off that attracts these individuals?


As soon as you appreciate and enjoy certain people, positive vibrations are sent, offering more of the same. But as soon as you notice negative people or behaviors and pay attention to how they annoy or bother you, the Law of Attraction kicks in to produce more of the same; shift your focus and attention away from what bothers you and towards what you desire.


Are you wondering how to attract your ideal mate? Make a list. This will serve as your "Contrast List," helping to illuminate all the things about past or current partners you didn't enjoy, remembering that whatever we focus on increases. So, if your list of negative traits includes someone who never takes you out to dinner or spends too much time away traveling, that will give insight into why these people continue to come into your life.


The Law of Attraction is an incredible force that many have used to manifest their ideal lives, including relationships. Based on the principle that like attracts like, this law encourages positive thoughts and emotions to attract similar experiences and people into your life. This book will discuss using it to manifest an ideal partnership.


This book will discuss applying the Law of Attraction to manifest your ideal relationship. Topics such as visualizing the ideal partner, releasing limiting beliefs, and taking inspired steps toward your goal will all be covered here. By the time we are through this book, you will comprehend how using LOA will enable you to realize the love relationship of your dreams.





Love Attraction~How To Manifest Your Dream Relationship "The Law of Attraction"

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