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Do's and Don'ts for Internet Dating

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Internet dating has become an excellent way for people to meet people. Many singles find that internet dating is the golden ticket to discovering new love and true love! Is your schedule crazy busy? Want to experience a different way to find a date? Like getting to know people? Want to turn strangers into friends? Internet dating may be the golden ticket for you!

Look, Internet dating is life in this day and age, and it is here to stay. Yet, many singles are unsure of this 21st-century dating technique. Many fear the outcome. They fall prey to the stereotypes associated with the notion of cyberdating: What will other people think of me? Will I end up going out with a cyber geek? Is this type of dating safe?

No one will think less of you for trying out online dating, so what if you end up dating a cyber geek? The first dates can be the last. If you are worried about being safe, online dating can be safe - if you exercise a few precautions.

While many singles fear meeting married liars or stalkers-in-the-making, the biggest challenge typically is the magnitude of it all. Potential online daters quickly find there is a boatload (think cruise line sized ship) of people seeking dates and mates.

Tens of thousands of people have met, dated, and eventually married due to their online dating experience. However, it is still vitally important to exercise caution when using online dating services. Do some homework, and you will likely avoid the pitfalls of cyberdating.

And it is work. Filtering through the responses and getting to know the people who pique your interest could take days! But there is an element of control with online dating - you have plenty of time to check, double-check, and triple-check things out. Pay attention to online inconsistencies as a red flag to help you avoid disappointment down the road. Keep your antenna up and be deliberate. Then, have some fun!


-Do meet in a public place for at least the first few meetings.

-Do let someone know who you're meeting and where.

-Bring a cell phone with you and have someone call to check that you're OK.

-Do ask lots of questions. Look for consistency in responses.

-Don't reveal too much personal information too quickly.

-Don't invest too much in one person; correspond with several people to save time.

-By: Warrnette Lewis

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