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Signs of Unhealthy Relationships That You Must Never Overlook.


Warrnette Lewis

Relationship Coach

Being in a happy relationship makes you feel secure and ensures that you are respected, cared for, and have 100% opportunity of being who you indeed are. On the flip side, an unhealthy or toxic relationship can wreak havoc on your emotional and mental health, leaving you depleted and drained.

However, what to do when you are not sure you're in a damaging relationship?

Here are the three critical signs that you need to look for:

1. There is no end to arguments and conflicts

If you define your relationship by conflicts, blame games, and never-ending fights, it's high time to re-evaluate your bond. As, if not addressed on time, this could trigger many problems such as:

  • A hostile environment with hurtful remarks during conversation or fights.

  • There is a nagging feeling of worry or anxiety about the relationship that doesn't fade away.

  • Demeaning or controlling behavior only gets worse with time.

2. You are left feeling drained and sick

After all your efforts to make things work, are you left numb and exhausted? Your body gives you noticeable clues that your mind may not recognize most of the time. It could be headaches, stomachaches, or simply just the state of feeling unwell.

3. It is emerging as a one-sided relationship

Has your partner started to ignore you, or is using the silent treatment (passive aggression) while conveying a message of disrespect by stopping meaningful conversation? Then, this is a sign of imbalance that would cause emotional distress and have a lethal impact on your self-esteem.

The moment you suspect an unhealthy relationship, take a step back and make your wellbeing the ultimate priority. Understand what you want, stay true to your emotions, and set yourself free from a bond you never really wanted.


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