Reasons Why You Should Get Out of an Abusive Relationship


Warrnette Lewis

Ending a relationship that has been brutally affected by abuse and violence is never easy. Still, it's crucial to make a courageous move if you want to live a free and happy life.

If you feel stuck at the edge trying to decide whether to stay or leave, here are three reasons to help you realize why getting out of abusive relationship matters.

1. Abusive Relationships Can Destroy Your Self-Esteem

When you are harmed and controlled more often than ever, it alters your thoughts leading to confusion, self-blame, and doubts. It affects some people to the extent that they feel it's impossible to survive without their partner, as they will never find a good relationship.

2. Abusive Relationships Follow a Cyclic Pattern

A common dilemma that people face when not sure about getting off an abusive relationship is: since my partner has apologized and promised that they will never do it again, I should reconsider my decision".

You need to realize that abusive relationships follow a cyclic pattern that involves an abusive situation, a make-up phase (apologies from the abuser), after which the emotional and physical abuse is repeated once again, and so the cycle continues.

3. Abusive Relationships Can Affect Your Health & Well-Being

If not addressed on time, abusive relationships can profoundly affect your emotional, physical, and mental health. Hence, instead of being a victim of violence and abuse, choose to leave the relationship before it can further affect you.


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