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With the approach of that all-important wedding month of June, more and more couples start to contemplate the thought of marriage. This is something that seems to affect more women than men because weddings are events that they love preparing for as well as having all of the attention turned onto them for just that one day. The problem is that too many couples spend so much time planning the wedding that they kind of miss the fact that there’s a marriage to follow. Other couples may not be sure whether or not that they’re ready to make that trip down the aisle. If you fall into that group, whatever else you may do, you should not get married! While there may be a certain amount of nervousness surrounding a wedding, there should never be an abject terror at the thought of becoming legally bound to another person. If you’re straddling that fence, though, and just aren’t sure whether or not you’re ready to get married, there are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you decide if should start making wedding plans or take a step back and re-evaluate your relationship. First of all, you need to figure out how you feel about living with someone else day in and day out, having to answer to someone else and running things by them before making any decisions. If you’re already living with your intended and it doesn’t bother you, then this is probably not an issue. On the other hand, if you are still maintaining separate residences because you’ve been hesitant to give up all of your freedom and tend to be attached to your space, you probably don’t want to commit to living with someone all the time. Making your own decisions without consulting someone else may be something that you’ve always done. When you get married, you must consider that any decision you may make will affect one other person besides yourself. That just might not be something you’re up for giving in to. Now, on the other hand, if you adore living with your significant other and love coming home to him every day, chances are good that you’re ready to make that commitment. This is also true of including someone else in your decision-making. If you’re already living together and talking over things before decisions are made, you’re probably more than ready to walk down the aisle and make some serious vows to each other. Simply put, if you love being together to the point that you cannot imagine going through an entire day without seeing each other, then you’re certainly ready for something quite serious. In addition, if the two of you are already making plans together, that is also a great sign. When you both get excited when talking about a future together while being equally involved in wedding plans, it’s time to turn those plans into something much more permanent. The Big Day will dawn bright and beautiful when you’re both ready to say I do, whether it’s cloudy, raining, snowing, or sunny. WARRNETTE LEWIS, LEWIS LIFE COACH

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