How Can You Differentiate Between a Toxic and Healthy Relationship?

A toxic relationship can be devastating for your mental and physical health. Being in a constant state of fear while feeling unsecured, attacked, or misunderstood is not such a pleasant situation, is it? Unfortunately, many couples cannot distinguish between a toxic and healthy relationship.

To help you understand better, here are the essential qualities that make toxic relationships different from fulfilling and prosperous ones.

  • A toxic relationship is often associated with negative emotions (jealousy, insecurity, or selfishness), while healthy relationships are based on the goodness of positivity (security, love, and happiness).

  • A toxic relationship gives nightmares, indicating that your partner could be the reason for things not being alright. On the other hand, healthy relationships are uplifting and respectful.

  • Toxic relationships come with dysfunctional communication like manipulating words, gaslighting, being judgmental, and being dishonest. However, there is no room for such complexity in a flourishing relationship. A toxic relationship can absorb you completely. You violate your values, do things that make you uncomfortable, or visit places that trigger anxiety, but this will never be the case in a healthy relationship.

So, can you transform a toxic relationship into a healthy one? Well, it cannot happen on its own. The toxicity in any relationship can change only when both the partners are willing to give their effort and time to establish a selfless, encouraging, and pure relationship.

- By: Warrnette Lewis

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