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Because dating and relationships are such a vast and vital part of everyday life, this article aims to dispel myths and overview the concerns surrounding them.

Display Your Talents If you have a fantastic body that you want to flaunt and a youthful physical look, but you're having trouble finding dates and forming relationships, here are some ideas. Turn my focus off. Others may assume you're arrogant and care about yourself, not others, and certainly not them. Instead, focus on something outside of yourself that the other person can relate to, even if it's only the weather. Tune in to an online news source such as CNN, subscribe to a national or other big daily or magazine such as Newsweek, or go to the public library for the most up-to-date news briefs.

Online dating could be an excellent fit for you because it allows you to include all of your great physical traits and outside interests, and more, enabling you to show yourself as a more well-rounded dating candidate. Those that are VERY interested in having excellent abs, young appeal, and so on will be able to look you up. Those who are interested in other topics can concentrate on them as well.

Take a Seat, and not a Stand Don't take a stand instead of speaking your ideas on matters you already know will lead to heated debates. Just ignore them. There's no shame in avoiding a discussion. For example, if you both identify as Christians, but one of you is adamant about having a whole set of rules and regulations about what it means to be a Christian and doesn't hesitate to express this, avoid discussing religion. If you have to, say something along the lines of, "This is getting us too hot, so let's go on to something else for now." I agree that it's OK to disagree. It is, after all!

Customs and customs Keep some of your family's old traditions alive. Some will need to be changed, while others will need to be created. Habits can act as a glue that binds you to a shared past. The most important thing is to create beautiful experiences that you can share and relive over and over again, especially when you can't remember why you're together in the first place.

Love vs. Sex and love are not synonymous. Learn the difference, and don't let your hormones determine whether or not you love someone.

Negotiator When learning to negotiate, forget about his and her duties and who should do what. When scheduling is off, kids are on the run, and calamity hits, such as when your mother-in-law drops by unexpectedly, what works one day may not work the next.

Love and enmity You must adore your partner. It's OK to detest (or even despise) a habit like knuckles cracking or nail-biting. But don't forget to love the person.

Warrnette Lewis,

Lewis Life Coach

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