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A Little Patience Goes A Long Way

We all know that relationships can be complicated. One of the best methods for making every relationship less stressful and more enjoyable is to show a little patience.

In truth, patience is nothing more than time.

- Time before we say something: Think of a time when someone was not patient with you when you needed them to be. Think of how you felt. Think of how deeply you might have been hurt. The next time you find yourself losing patience with another, take a moment to remind yourself of how you felt when someone had no patience with you.

- Time before moaning and groaning: Patience takes time, but no more than showing anger; stomping, yelling, whining or complaining. A little patience can often resolve a conflict that a loss of tolerance will only escalate.

- Time to just let things run their course: Arnold H. Glasow said, “The key to everything is patience. You get a chicken by hatching an egg, not by smashing it. Some things require a certain amount of time. Losing patience only hurts us and won't speed up the process.”

So, take the time to smile instead of a frown; the time to wink instead of a snarl. How much time does it take to give someone a slight nod or a pat on the back? We never stop to think about how a little of our time can make such a big difference in how we make another feel.

The lack of patience is the key to so much unhappiness and grief. All it requires is a little time on our part. One of the simplest ways to build stronger relationships and bring more happiness into our lives is becoming a little more patient. Showing someone patience is giving to another that we wish to receive, while a lack of patience is nothing more than a reflection of ourselves.

Here at Lewis Life Coach, we'd love to help your relationships grow. Let's set up a free consultation by clicking this link.

-By Warrnette Lewis

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