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Song Fnaf Fix

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song, with music and lyrics by Allen Simpson, is a song performed by Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted. It is currently unused, though was likely the result of pushing the Showtime button once it is activated.[1]

Song Fnaf

According to the YouTube videos which featured the song itself, the song starts with a hearty introduction by HandUnit. The song's lyrics describe the personalities of each of the three, as well as making shilling comments about Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as a whole, as well as off-hand comments in the background. Occasionally, a monotonous voice will pipe in and recite a fine print notice, as if reading a disclaimer. The ending of the song features promotions offered by some advertisers from the company. The music fades out at the end. The melody is reminiscent of 1980s style techno music, befitting the era in which Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was first open, with Bonnie's rock guitar accents.

Music Code IDs are different than the more traditionally seen Game Codes in Roblox. Music code IDs are ten-digit numerical codes that allow players to listen to their favorite songs while playing Roblox. If players don't know how to use Music ID Codes, check out our article with instructions here.

I consider myself a fan of the FNAF series. While I don't think it's PERFECT, (heck, it's not even that great) I think it has it's strenghs and weaknesses. Overall, it's an OK series. And with every hit game that comes out, a fan song or two has to be made.

Seriously! These songs are EVERYWHERE. They span from more well known Youtubers like The Living Tombstone and NateWantsToBattle, to lesser known was like DAGames. However, with each good song, there happens to be a bad one that waits on the horizon. So I'm counting 10 FNAF songs that even a fan like me can't enjoy.

Now, his songs, for me, are usually hit or miss. I really like his Road To El Dorado remix, Sorry Jack, and heck, even 2 of his 3 (soon to be 4) FNAF songs hit home. On the other get Five Nights At Freddys.

Now, I put it at number 10 because it was really the first of these songs, and no one really knew what they were doing. Plus, the song isn't that bad. I mean, it doesn't do anything horribly...except one thing. IT'S BLAND AS FUCK.

Seriously! It's just about the animatronics how SAD they are and they aren't bad and what they do. I mean, most of the time, each song is a bit more creative. Heck, some of the songs on here are way more creative than this one!

Another smaller problem is that this one is the flagship song for FNAF! Like, talk about a bland song to represent an OK and pretty creative series. In short, this one may have the high points, but it has too many flaws for me to enjoy it. Thank TLT his other 2 are WAY better.

Machinima's songs are...interesting. You have their FNAF1 and FNAF2 songs, which are some of my favorites, but you have their FNAF3 and FNAF4 songs which are...meh. It was hard to pick, but in the end, I picked the song I didn't like the most. Thus, Another Five Nights by Machinima was picked.

Another problem is that it's super cheesy.'s talking about "Oh, you'll die and sins have been committed and the other animatronics need to come to life!" Like, you can make a good chessy FNAF song, but you need talent to do it. This...was not real talent. It was more boring than the number 10 spot. At least this has some fucking energy to it.

Now, what do you think of DAGames when you hear the name? His animations? Nope. You think of his songs. He currently has 5 songs on his channel dedicated to the game. And of all the guys on the list...he's the worst. Not the worst as a PERSON. In fact, he seems pretty nice overall. But it's his songs that just shove me in the wrong direction. He has 2 good ones out of 5, and here's the 3rd worst one. The Purple Guy.

There are a few songs about this mysterious character, but this one has to be the worst. For one, the main problem with DAGames songs is that usually sings in a voice that's hard for most people to understand, or, as Dark put, "he's singing with a golfball in his mouth." And while I don't agree 100% with that, I will admit his voice is not really meant for singing. For this song, it sounds super...meh. The music makes it hard to hear his voice, and it's not really that good anyway, so it could be way better to hear the voice, even if it is sort of...bad.

Another problem? It's the same music video as a bunch of others. It's all Atari-like and the lyrics are on the screen. Yes, the Atari minigames are a staple of FNAF. But you need to be way more creative to make a FNAF song! The Living Tombstone did it, Sayonaro Maxwell did it, and a lot of other people did it! DAGames made a video with a cool concept, but killed it.

I never liked this song when it came out. For one, I never liked Golden Freddy. He wasn't interesting to me because he just sort of...sat there. He sat there and did a jumpscare. This is why I like his appearance in FNAF4 as Fredbear WAY better, because Scott put in the effort to make the fucker move. But enough about the character. Let's talk about the song.

It's less boring than the others, I'll give it that. But the rest is such a huge problem. First off, I didn't really like the lyrics. They felt super long and boring. It just talked about Golden Freddy wanted to stuff you into a suit and you, as the guard, is the main attraction and etc. Like the others, it's so fucking boring. It feels like it takes longer than it should, and this is the only MandoPony FNAF song in which MandoPony sounds like shit. Also, whoever does the art for his videos usually does pretty damn good. However, in this one, the art seems...a bit off. And that's not because Golden Freddy is a human on the cover. Something doesn't feel right at all.

The man who made these songs is fucking good. I loved his Bonnie song, his Marionette song, his Mangle song, and his Chica song. So why not Springtrap Finale? Well...I don't know. Maybe it's the music, maybe the lyrics, maybe the way he sings it. I never really found a reason to hate it.

For you see, I finally found the reason: the lyrics. The lyrics are bland, dull, and just about Springtrap being like " I M FREE TIME 2 sinG." This is a trope with most bad FNAF songs made by people, and I've been reporting on that for a while. Trust me, when we get to 3, it'll be more than just lyrics and noise. Oh, boy...but anyway, that's all I got for 6. If anything else springs up, I'll report on it.

First off, I never really liked most songs from 2000's. The instrumentals were bad (see Toxic) and the lyrics usually made me cringe (see Toxic.) Why do I say this? Because the beginning of the song sounds exactly like one of my least favorite songs from the 2000's, and while I don't remember the name, I remember I DEEPLY hated the song. So points off for that.

Secondly, the lyrics, like most of the other songs, is just someone telling you something. The guard is gonna keep out the animatronics and not let them in and take them apart and UUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH. Same old, same old! We're gonna get into the juicer stuff starting at 3, but...what is the thing with these songs and just 1 character explaining shit? I mean, it can be used well, as shown in something like Noticed by MandoPony, or it can be used here and just be shitty. Why is this a theme used so wrong all the time?

We're in the shitters here. The bottom of the bin. And the only one where Dark's "golfball in the mouth" theory goes into effect. Why? IT LITTERATLY SOUNDS LIKE THERE'S A GOLFBALL IN HIS MOUTH. I heard very few words, which is bad if your song has lyrics! All I heard was "torch", "dreams become the sickening", and the countless amounts of "BREAK, BREAK, BREAK MY MIND!!!"

The worst part? People eat this shit up. They act like it's the best song, and I just wonder: why? It's the most hard-to-understand song on this list. It's the only song that makes me LOOK AT THE FUCKING LYRICS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS MAN IS SAYING. And it's scary this isn't the worst one!

I'm sorry. I was debating between all four of the FNAF Musicals or The Final Chapter by Adam Hoek. The result I came up with? Neither. No, I realized that one song killed them all. This Is The End, by NateWantsToBattle. 041b061a72


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