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Simple Men (1992) 1080p

Both lay and professional classificatory behaviors demonstrate that theconcept of mental disorder contains a value component. For example, inabilityto learn to read due to a dysfunction in the corpus callosum (assuming thatthis theory of some forms of dyslexia is correct) is harmful in literate societies,but not harmful in preliterate societies, where reading is not a skill thatis taught or valued, and thus not a disorder in those societies. Most peoplehave what physicians call "benign anomalies", that is, minor malformationsthat are the result of genetic or developmental errors but that cause no significantproblem, and such anomalies are not considered disorders. For example, benignangiomas are small blood vessels whose growth has gone awry, leading themto connect to the skin, but, because they are not harmful, they are not considereddisorders. The requirement that there be harm also accounts for why simplealbinism, heart position reversal, and fused toes are not generally considereddisorders, even though each results from an abnormal breakdown in the waysome mechanism is designed to function. Purely scientific accounts of "disorder",even those based on evolutionary function as is the analysis below (9-11),fail to address this value component.

Simple Men (1992) 1080p


If you're a fan of that Community episode that explores all the potential outcomes of a simple game night gathering, then you'll probably enjoy Run Lola Run. Similar to Pulp Fiction four years prior, Tom Twyker's third directorial effort plays around with the timeline of its storytelling (something that would serve Twyker well on Cloud Atlas). When the titular woman's boyfriend loses a bag of money that belongs to a very dangerous crime lord, Lola only has 20 minutes to come up with the dough. A simple and engaging premise gets an added boost from the screenplay's exploration of fate and how our actions can lead to unforeseen consequences.

"Come with me if you want to live!" This shouted by a complete stranger who, just a few moments ago, showed up in a back alley naked as the day he was born. We are, of course, referring to Kyle Reese, the soldier sent back in time to prevent the T-800 from murdering the mother of John Connor, who will one day lead humanity against the machines. Little does Mr. Reese know that he is destined to be the father of that child. Time travel is just a means to an end here: an excuse to pit two flesh bag protagonists against an unstoppable killing machine with one simple goal: assassinate Sarah Connor.

GALILEO:Sir, your ignorance of astronomy confounds me. I think, if youspat on the ground you'd see a new star in the shine of your own saliva. And asfor you, my lord, I'm astonished that you persist in trying to prove somethingto me with the testimony of expert witnesses that I can perfectly well find outfor myself with a simple experiment. See, witnesses...witnesses have...have theuseful, of course, in difficult matters in the past, eh...I mean, a judgemight, for example, call a witness to establish whether Luigi stabbed Giovanni.But he's not going to call a witness to establish that Giovanni was stabbed atall, because he's got the wound in front of him. Do you, do you see? He can seeit with his own eyes.

NARRATOR: Galileo creates three spirited characters, noblemenof Venice. The first character, the host, prompts a debate between his twotalkative guests. One of the visitors clearly speaks up for Copernicus andGalileo. But the other guest, Simplicio, the simpleton, is a comic foil,mouthing the church's doctrines on science and philosophy.

ALBERT VAN HELDEN: At the very end, he puts the words of the Pope in themouth of the simpleton. That if God wanted to make the universe some other way,any other way, but make it appear to us the way it does now, he could have.And, therefore, none of these arguments about whether the Sun is the center orwhether the Earth is the center can be definitive.

NARRATOR: The Inquisition limited the trial to two simplequestions of fact: Did the late Cardinal Bellarmine forbid Galileo to advocateCopernicus when the two faced each other 16 years earlier? And had Galileoviolated the Cardinal's injunction by writing his Dialogue?

The production company, Mercury Zeitgeist Film Studios was hired to create the animated sequence for the opening theme. However, Mercury Zeitgeist Film Studios ran into some problems while creating the opening sequence. They encountered the problem of syncing different animation sequences into one. This meant they needed to redesign and reanimate for 30fps (frame rates) which is not a simple matter of adding six drawings to pick up the additional frame count. The additional drawing count was not included in the bid nor production schedule. As a result of Marvel Films Animation's refusal to pay these additional incurred expenses, all production came to a halt. 041b061a72


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