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40 Best URL Shortener Websites To Make Money Online [CRACKED]

Once you have it down to a tee, direct them to an item that would best suit their needs and watch as a sale is made. Here is an example of how a clothing brand could use conversational flows to make shopping even easier.

40 Best URL Shortener Websites To Make Money Online


According to Daft [62], customer-generated information richness, as a dimension of information quality, refers to the ability of evaluation information generated by customers with shopping experience to change understanding [46]. In the pre-purchase stage, searching for online reviews is the main task for most consumers [63]. Advances in technology make it easy for customers to post evaluation information on shopping platforms in multiple formats, such as plain text, text + image, text + video, etc. [64]. According to media richness theory [62], different media types have different levels of information richness [46]. The ability to convey information cues in descending order is plain text, images, and video [65]. The use of multimedia posting product evaluation content increases the perceived information richness of other consumers [64]. Rich customer-generated information (e.g., containing both text and images or videos) is adequate, relevant, and simple [66]. The richer the information, the more it reduces uncertainty and induces people to make a decision [64].

Direct product experience refers to physical contact with a product through multi-sensory, as opposed to indirect product experience, which is the virtual presentation of a product through various external sources in the absence of actual sensory cues [41]. In general, sensory information is one of the primary distinctions between online and offline [52]. Direct product experiences, as opposed to indirect experiences, provide consumers with more diagnostic information about product attributes such as softness, weight, and color for consumer decision making [51]. The direct product experience is the outstanding advantage of the offline channel, attracting most consumers to visit offline stores and spend more money [70]. Physical interaction with products is an important experience in the cross-channel customer journey, especially when purchasing products with experiential attributes. 041b061a72


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