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The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993) _BEST_

And what if they go the spinoff route, leaving Jack and Santa behind altogether and exploring new holidays apart from these two? We already get a scene with the Easter Bunny in this film; what if things are amiss in Shamrock Town and the mischievous Leprechaun King goes to war with the Bunny King before learning that treats are better than tricks? (Dang, I\u2019m back on Halloween. Next idea.)

The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993)


Let's get this out of the way right up front: While Tim Burton produced the film and created the concept, he did not direct The Nightmare Before Christmas. That honor goes to Henry Selick. Just wanted to clear that up before going into this weird masterpiece.

Speaking of Oogie Boogie... What an amazing nightmare he is. I never pictured the boogie man as a bunch of potato sacks sewn together with a colony of neon bugs living inside of it, but Tim Burton did, and it leaves a hell of a mark. Clearly inspired by the work of Cab Calloway's collaborations with the Betty Boop cartoons, "Oogie Boogie's Song" is a standout sequence of music and animation coming together in vivid and untold ways.

Even now, The Nightmare before Christmas remains one of Danny Elfman\'s pinnacle works (along with his Batman scores and Edward Scissorhands). Unlike a lot of Disney Musicals, a large majority of Nightmare is told through song. The story was original a poem, so Tim Burton and Elfman emulate that tone as much as possible. They worked chronologically through the material, Elfman writing one song at time and making them organically fit the story structure. In Beauty and the Beast or Aladdin, the songs were used for establishing character and location or stopping the story to allow characters to comment on their feelings. Almost all of Jack Skellington\'s strong character moments are told through the musical numbers. From his initial despair ("Jack\'s Lament"), to his discovery of Christmas Town ("What\'s This?") to his decision to take it over ("Jack\'s Obsession") to his final cathartic realization of its consequences ( "Poor Jack").

Released quietly in the fall 1993, The Nightmare before Christmas was a modest success. However not a single number was even nominated for a Best Song Oscar and this was during Disney\'s unstoppable early 90\'s domination of the category. The movie was originally considered too dark to connect with family audiences. Time does have a way of righting such wrongs and over a decade later, the movie is one of Disney\'s biggest cult classics, if there can be such a thing.

The Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is an absolute classic of a film that was released in 1993 by director, Henry Selick. The Nightmare before Christmas is a classic film for numerous reasons, for starters it is a family friendly movie you watch with your family during Halloween while enjoying some popcorn. 041b061a72


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