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Backrooms Race Clicker Script Roblox [UPDATED]

These Backrooms Race Clicker codes are free rewards given out by the devs at DoubleAce games. The game is still quite new, which means so far the codes only reward you with wins. These wins will help you upgrade your racer and finally hit the final stretches of the spooky backrooms. New codes will likely be given out for milestones and updates.

Backrooms Race Clicker Script Roblox

These Race Clicker codes offer you free wins, which will give you a head start on your journey to becoming the ultimate racing clicker. Those wins can be used to purchase upgrades for your character. Let's race!

Race Clicker is a game that has just exploded in popularity on Roblox, hitting around 40,000 players at the time of writing. The game is all about clicking: the more you click, the faster you go. You earn more upgrades by beating milestones and winning races, and with those "wins" you can start getting boosts for your racer. The new update, the first one for the game, added new pets and eggs, so it's more like a Roblox clicker game than ever before. These pets give you boosts to help you go even faster.

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Click to build up speed and outrun your opponents in Backrooms Race Clicker. This Roblox title puts a horror spin on the click race genre, really giving you the motivation to race as hard as you can. Click as fast as you can to become a speed demon, reach the backrooms, and claim a top spot on the leaderboard. 041b061a72


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